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Stem Cells Throughout their evolutionary history

Throughout their evolutionary history, plants have developed an extensive repertoire of secondary metabolites that serve critical roles in their interaction with the environment, reproductive strategies, and defense mechanisms. These compounds, which exhibit a diverse range of chemical structures and biological activities, are often strain-specific and not essential for growth and development.

Studies have shown that extracts of green tea leaves offer a wide range of health benefits due to the presence of biochemically active compounds, particularly phenolics such as flavonoids, which possess anti-cancer, antioxidant, and anti-aging properties. Plant secondary metabolites, including phenolics, have demonstrated various biological activities, such as anti-mutagenic and anti-carcinogenic effects.

One of the most effective methods for producing secondary metabolites is through cell suspension culture. By using callus stem cell suspension cultures, it is possible to increase the concentration of phenolic compounds and tocopherols. However, growing live cells in a NASA-derived bioreactor can lead to even greater production of flavonoids and other active biological ingredients. By using a specific type of cell, plant callus derived from somatic cells that undergo dedifferentiation to produce totipotent embryogenic cells, it is possible to produce not only flavonoids but also other proteins, hormones, and growth factors that promote cell regeneration.

Our Dermamorfosis skin cream stands out from other products containing green tea leaf extracts due to the unique 3D environment for callus stem cell culture within our RWV bioreactor. Our callus stem cell extract contains a unique combination of phytochemicals, including proteins with enzymatic and growth factor properties, as well as plant mRNA and regulatory plant microRNAs. Clinical trials have demonstrated that our product is effective in reducing wrinkles, fading spots, and improving overall skin health and youthfulness.

In conclusion, plants have evolved an extensive array of secondary metabolites, which are crucial for their survival and interactions with the environment. By utilizing cell suspension culture and a specific type of cell, it is possible to produce highly potent and biologically active compounds, such as flavonoids, proteins, and growth factors, which have demonstrated significant benefits for human health. Our Dermamorfosis skin cream is a testament to the effectiveness of this approach and has produced outstanding results in clinical trials.