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About Us

"Mision , Vision and Values"

"A love story: The creation of our brand"

From Heart to Heart

When our founder, Beniley, couldn’t find the exact products and formulas to meet her clients’ unique needs, she embarked on a journey to create them herself.


“I believe that beauty and health are achieved from the inside out, and our brand focuses on providing crucial nutrients to target areas that need an extra boost,” says Beniley.


Years of service and assisting thousands of people have earned us a reputation as a trusted brand in beauty, personal care, and supplemental nutrition. Fueled by a spirit of pure innovation, we continuously strive to stay at the forefront of advancements in our field.


We remain committed to our vision and values, putting compassion before profit. Our founding principles revolve around trusting in proven science and respecting the power and value of nature in promoting health, nutrition, and well-being.


Our beliefs and passions have allowed us to create products that cater to various nutritional needs, utilizing expertly-curated ingredient blends in our nutrient supplements and skin care products.


You’ll feel the love and dedication we pour into our work, and we guarantee that you’ll love the results of our products.


Our vision is to lead the world in stem cell-based products, revolutionizing skin and health care with transformative products. Our goal is to help people regain their true identity and character by providing them with the right environmental conditions. We are the only trustworthy company in stem cell development, certified by NASA technology. Our ethical and human approach drives success and turns every opportunity into something better.


Our mission is to lead the global market in creating and distributing products with active stem cell extract. We are passionate, inspired, and driven by a strong ethical sense, both individually and as a team, to research, create and distribute these products. As pioneers in conscious plant stem cell-based products, we aim to revolutionize health and beauty worldwide, reaching the masses and raising awareness about the importance of treating our bodies with care and respect.

Our Values

Our core values are centered around integration, love, kindness, and compassion, serving as guiding principles that inspire us to work towards creating a better world for everyone. We place a strong emphasis on the well-being of our community and uphold the utmost ethical standards in all that we do. By aligning our actions with these values, we strive to lead fulfilling lives while making positive contributions to the world.


In addition, we take pride in our cutting-edge technology, which allows us to develop products without conducting any tests on animals or using human stem cells. Our stem cells are 100% plant-based, cultivated using advanced three-dimensional techniques and stringent protocols to ensure the highest quality standards. This commitment to ethical and sustainable practices is at the heart of our approach, and we are dedicated to driving positive change in the world through our innovative solutions.

Born to Serve

I was born to serve and make a positive impact on the world around me. I am constantly striving to manifest the best version of myself, drawing upon the skills, talents, and passions that have always been a part of me. Above all, my faith in God and my belief in the power of life’s opportunities guide me on my journey. I embrace every challenge, setback, and success with gratitude and humility, knowing that each experience is a chance for me to learn and grow. With each passing day, I am driven to be the best version of myself that I can be, and to make a difference in the lives of those around me.


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Beauty is like being comfortable in your own skin.

NASA’s research on stem cells in space represents a significant leap forward for science. By studying stem cells in microgravity, NASA is uncovering valuable insights into their behavior, which could have profound implications for the fields of regenerative medicine and tissue engineering.

Why Choose us

Love and care in every product we create

Our founder, Beniley, couldn’t find the right products for her clients, so she created them herself. Our brand focuses on providing crucial nutrients for a healthy inside-out approach to beauty and health. We’re a trusted name in personal care and supplemental nutrition, always pushing for innovation while staying true to our values. We believe in the power of nature and proven science to promote well-being. Our expertly curated ingredients are blended to cater to different nutritional needs in our nutrient supplements and skincare. You’ll feel the love and dedication we put into our work, and we guarantee results you’ll love.

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