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Meet our founder

"The visionary driving force behind our brand.”

Meet our founder

Expert authority and ambassador on the evolution of wellness and skin care

After working in Manhattan NY , she opened a day spa in Guadalajara, Mexico, and eventually moved to Miami, where she open Beniley Spa and operated for 15 years and now part of the Sole Health Medical Center and  Beniley integrates beauty and well-being with her combined techniques and skills to provide the best skin care and body treatments, as well as non-invasive drug-free healing techniques.

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Her dedication translates to trust

As the visionary founder and creator behind BENILEY®, a cutting-edge skin care and wellness line, she is  dedicated to crafting products that are not only highly effective, but also safe, vegan, organic, and sustainable.

Her experience and great reputation has led to multiple multimillion-dollar companies and investors hiring her as a beauty and health consultant to establish protocols and bring their companies to the next level with her coaching skills. She also serves as an ambassador for Dermamorfosis International and Beternelle Mexico, which is the first-ever scientifically designed three-dimensional skin renewal treatment that uses NASA technology with the expansion of plan base stem cells.


Growing up in the beauty industry, she closely observed her mother’s leadership in managing multiple beauty companies and overseeing a large workforce. Her father’s hair salons also became a part of her after-school routine, providing her with early exposure to the industry. However, it was her personal struggles with teenage skin care, specifically her visible acne issues, that ignited her passion to find solutions.


Her journey took her to Italy, her first international stop, where she studied alongside knowledgeable teachers who emphasized the significance of gut health in healing. This revelation led her to focus on nutrition and lifestyle as the key to addressing not only skin care concerns but also digestive issues. Since then, she has helped thousands of people transform their approach to handling their skin care and digestive health, providing wise and accurate insights.

Her brand

The Beauty Evolution
of Wellness

Her brand is not merely a business venture; it embodies her unwavering core values and life’s mission. Meticulously selecting like-minded individuals who share her passion, she has formed a dream team dedicated to turning her vision into reality. Together, they have established a reputation for consistently surpassing expectations and delivering exceptional results.

At the heart of her mission lies a deep commitment to creating a trustworthy and reliable brand. She constantly strives to surpass customer expectations and provide unmatched value in every interaction. With her dedicated dream team by her side, she remains resolute in her pursuit of building a company that consistently exceeds customer satisfaction, fosters long-term trust, and goes the extra mile.

Beniley’s purpose”

“Beniley’s purpose in life is to serve and inspire others to transform their lives in an easy, fast, and fun way. She believes that by being the happiest version of herself, she can help support the evolution of humanity and create spaces for others to do the same. Join her on the journey towards positive change and discover the power of transformation today!” IYIT

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