Beniley Vitamin C Facial Cream (Vegan)
Beniley Vitamin C Facial Cream (Vegan)
Beniley Vitamin C Facial Cream (Vegan)

Beniley Vitamin C Facial Cream (Vegan)

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Vitamin  C 

              Research has shown that the application of topical Vitamin C lightens skin effectively.

  • Topical vitamin C in the form of creams, serums and other products work to reduce the amount of melanin produced by pigment skin cells.
  • Vitamin C applied topically is effective at addressing hyperpigmentation conditions such as dark spots, melasma, age spots, and sun spots, among others.

While some who try topical vitamin C products to treat hyperpigmentation skin conditions, others simply want to lighten and refresh their skin tone. 



While some studies indicate uncertainty when it comes to vitamin C’s ability to lighten skin, others show that the vitamin and many of its derivatives do have the ability to lighten skin–also referred to as skin whitening or brightening. 

Still other research points to vitamin C’s ability to prevent and reduce pigmentation caused by exposure to UV rays, as well as its ability to prevent inflammatory hyperpigmentation at the site of an injury.

How does vitamin C lighten skin?

Vitamin C lightens skin by inhibiting the amount of melanin your pigment skin cells generate. When applied topically, vitamin C interacts with tyrosinase, the main enzyme responsible for the conversion of the amino acid tyrosine into melanin, thereby reducing pigmentation

What form of vitamin C lightens skin?

Researchers have identified three vitamin C derivatives which efficiently convert to L-ascorbic acid once applied to  the skin, leaving it firmer, healthier, and more youthful looking—among them ascorbyl-glucoside. 

Clinical studies have shown that ascorbyl glucoside safely reduces common forms of hyperpigmentation such as age spots and traditionally difficult to treat melasma


How to use vitamin C to lighten skin

Apply  vitamin C cream to your face and neck every morning and/or night after you cleanse and  the serum

The cream should be completely absorbed by skin within 5 minutes. Skin should feel soft and not oily. Our cream  is concentrated.




Expect that your skin tone or dark spots will lighten over time. A significant difference after 8-12 weeks. 

It’s important to continue using your vitamin C product regularly in order to see a change. As well, always be sure to apply a minimum 30 SPF sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun.



Topical vitamin C products are part of an effective skin care regime for anyone coping with conditions involving hyperpigmentation, as well as those who simply want a little facial brightening. 

Vitamin C works to reduce the amount of melanin your pigment skin cells generate, for an all-around lightening effect.

Ingredients: aloe barbadensis (organic aloe vera juice), vegetable glycerin, rosa mosqueta

(rosehip seed oil), emulsifying wax, ascorbyl palmitate, (vitamin c esther), vaccinium mac-

rocarpon (organic cranberry extract), rubus idaeus (organic red raspberry extract), vanc-

serum angustifolium (organic wild blueberry extract),tocopherol (vitamin E), (stalingrad

black willow bark extract), rosmarinus officiales (rosemary), oleoresin, (azadiracachta indica, is

neem oil), optiphen (paraben free preservative).