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This active plant stem cell cream, is a highly advanced, lightweight formula that intensely nourishes your skin.

Dermamorfosis is formulated with nutrient-dense potent cell cultures created in a 3D Biomimetic Suspension substrate developed by NASA, to stimulate and deliver active biomolecules to the fibroblast cells in our skin. This encourages accelerated skin renewal, restores youthful volume, corrects dark spots, and increases both skin’s moisture content, and biological elasticity.

Dermamorfosis’s clinically proven results show increased hydration, visible reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, and enhanced overall skin health.


Directions for First-Time Use:

Step 1:

Young woman looking in the mirror and applying the product to her skin


On a clean, dry face, apply half a palm-sized amount and let stand for 25 minutes.

Note: You may feel a warming sensation around the thinnest layers of facial tissue, such as near the eyelids. 


Step 2:

Young woman looking in the mirror and gently exfoliating her face with her fingertips


Use 3 fingers on each hand to gently exfoliate away dead skin, using horizontal and vertical motions, until no granules remain.


Step 3:

Young woman wiping her face with a small towel

Wipe your skin with a warm, wet towel and allow it to dry completely. Apply a new, thin layer of Dermamorfosis and allow the skin to fully absorb it.

Wait 1 hour before applying makeup or SPF.

Note: You may feel an increased, warming sensation, now that the product can penetrate more deeply.


Directions for Continued Use:

For the first 2 months, Dermamorfosis should be applied in a thin layer and left to absorb fully in the morning and evenings. After this, decrease use to 2 times a week, or when necessary. For best results at this stage, we recommend applying this product 1 hour before bed.


Exclusive NASA bioreactor technology simulates a microgravity environment here on earth, allowing nutrient-dense cell cultures to develop in a three-dimensional state. This rotating environment generates cell cultures that mimic those in your natural dermal tissue, a major scientific breakthrough when compared to commonly used two-dimensional methods. The active biomolecules released from these potent 3D cell cultures are formulated to stimulate your youth from within.


Fibroblast cells are crucial in the foundation of skin health. These cells are naturally found in the layers of human dermal tissue, performing a vital function by bio synthesizing the connective tissue that provides structural support and plays a critical role in the skin’s healing process. Fibroblast cells are also responsible for producing collagen, elastic fibers and glycoproteins, which are all critical elements of healthy, youthful skin. As we get older, the body produces fewer amounts of fibroblast cells, resulting in key signs of aging such as wrinkles, sagging and dryness.


The benefits of Dermamorfosis begins with a bioreactor, developed by NASA scientists and engineers, which creates a suspended microgravity environment by using a rotating vessel to grow cell cultures. Experts found that this stress-free environment allowed the cell cultures to grow in a three-dimensional state, much like how cells grow in the human body. Not only were these cells more equivalent to natural skin cells, but they were also exposed to an increased amount of nutrients and functioned in a more complete manner. These results unearthed a major skincare breakthrough when compared to commonly used two-dimensional methods, which force the cells to grow in a restrictive area, leaving them deformed and poorly functioning.


The biomolecules released by these potent 3D cell cultures are the key element in Dermamorfosis  formulas. Our product works on the cellular level to restore youthful volume by stimulating fibroblast cells that encourage skin renewal. Clinically proven results show increased hydration, visible reduction of fine lines,  wrinkles and enhanced overall skin health.

Dermamorfosis  holds an exclusive agreement with NASA* to develop breakthrough skin renewal formulas using bioreactor technology developed by expert scientists and engineers. This advanced technology was developed in space and tested on earth, providing the tools to generate unique 3D cell culture formulas in all of our products. This space technology qualifies us as a certified Space Technology by the Space Foundation.

This technology has been adapted to improve life here on Earth. The Space Foundation works closely with NASA to recognize organizations that develop innovative products based on space technology. In addition to being space certified, the technology used to make our products.

*Licensed from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and Administrators of the Tulane Educational Fund under U.S. Patent Nos. 6,730,498 and 6,485,963 B1 and 6,673,597 B2.

The pinnacle in 3D anti-aging skincare science. This highly advanced formula is lightweight but intensely nourishing. Exclusive Biomimetic Suspension substrate delivers active biomolecules from potent cell cultures, scientifically formulated to aid in accelerated skin rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction, dark spot corrector, increased biological elasticity and increased skin moisture content.