This active plant stem cell cream, is a highly advanced, lightweight formula that intensely nourishes your skin.


Dermamorfosis is formulated with nutrient-dense potent cell cultures created in a 3D Biomimetic Suspension substrate developed by NASA, to stimulate and deliver active biomolecules to the fibroblast cells in our skin. This encourages accelerated skin renewal, restores youthful volume, corrects dark spots, and increases both skin’s moisture content, and biological elasticity.

Dermamorfosis’s clinically proven results show increased hydration, visible reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, and enhanced overall skin health.


Directions for First-Time Use:

 Woman splashing water on her face to clean her skin

On a clean, dry face, apply about half a palm size amount and let stand for 25 minutes.
At this stage, you may feel a warming sensation around the thinnest layers of facial tissue, such as near the eyelids.

 Woman using 3 fingers to gently exfoliate her facial skin

After 25 minutes, use 3 fingers on each hand to exfoliate away dead skin by making horizontal and vertical movements until all loose grains are gone.

 Woman with arrows going up her cheeks to imply reapplication of the product

Wipe the exfoliated skin with a wet, warm towel and allow your skin to dry completely.
Now apply a new thin layer of Dermamorfosis and allow the skin to fully absorb it.
*The warming sensation may increase after exfoliation as the product can now penetrate more deeply.


Directions for Continued Use:

 Woman with dots of the product around her under eyes as she is in the process of reapplying it

For the first 8 weeks , Dermamorfosis should be applied in a thin layer and left to absorb fully in the morning and evenings.
After this, decrease use to 8 times a month, or when necessary.
For best results at this stage, we recommend applying this product 1 hour before bed.


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